Hair Extensions: Fact vs. Fiction

This week’s blog post is all about facts vs fiction when it comes to hair extensions. These myths are pretty common, and often stop people from even considering hair extensions.


“Wearing extensions is SO damaging to your hair!”

When hair extensions are properly and professionally installed, they don’t damage your own hair. A professional stylist should be able to suggest which method of hair extension application will be best suited to your hair, and most people assume there is only one hair extension system. This is not the case Thousands of women all over the world, and even most female celebrities use hair extensions. If they were really that damaging, no one would use them.

“I’ve been wearing extensions for a while now, I think it’s important to give my hair a break.”

If hair extensions are installed and removed correctly there is no damage to your own hair. In fact, most women prefer to get their extensions replaced on the very same day, so that they don’t have to make two trips, and so that they continue to look amazing.

“I can’t swim with hair extensions.”

Remy human hair makes the best and most natural looking extensions. While wearing them you can go for swimming and get your hair wet. But synthetic hair extensions are not like that, get them wet and your hair could get seriously knotted up. Provided the extensions are well cared for and rinsed thoroughly after swimming, it won’t be a problem at all.

“My hair is so fine that hair extensions are not even an option for me.”

Hair extension methods and techniques have evolved over the years; today there are different hair extension systems available to suit all hair types. Micro Rings and tape extensions can be used on all types of hair.

“Hair extensions are difficult to style.”

As long as you use a heat protector, and keep products away from your bonds, there is very little difference between styling extensions and styling your own hair. We always use human hair extensions, therefore they can be styled much like your own natural hair.

“People will see that I’m wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions are undetectable if they’re installed properly, the key is to secure them in the right places, to expertly cut them to make them blend in with your real hair. If all these measures have been taken care of then you can rest assured that your extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

“My hair extensions don’t look good after exercising.”

Exercise produces sweat and tends to make the hair greasy. Therefore it is important to have a quick wash after your exercise session to ensure that your hair is clean and sweat free if you want the hair extensions to continue looking gorgeous. Make sure to use a shampoo that cleanses your hair really well, and you’ll find they look as gorgeous as ever.

“I’ll have to dye my hair to match the extensions, or dye the extensions to match my hair.”

Hair Extensions are available in myriad colors and textures to suit different clients. Therefore it is the hair extension that is colored and you don’t have to color your hair to match the hair extension. In fact you can continue to do highlights to your hair, while making sure to work around the hair extensions.


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