Hair Maintenance


Time : This takes between 90 and 120 minutes

Maintenance on Tape Hair Extensions is due every 6-8 weeks.

In a maintenance appointment we remove your tape hair extensions using a solvent spray. We then remove the previous tapes from the bonds and replace them with new tapes (we stock 3cm and 4cm wide tapes), we then re-install the hair extensions in a pattern suited to your style and preferences.

A re-shaping cut can be done once installed if requested

At your maintenance appointment is important to notify your hair extension technician of any problems or discomfort you may have experience on your previous installation (like bonds showing in finer hair, or a sensitive scalp).

This can then be rectified at your hair extension maintenance by having the extensions installed in a way that will alleviate the problem you experience before.


Hair Extensions Pretoria


Time : This takes about 2 hours per 100 strands of maintenance

Maintenance on Micro ring extensions is due every 8-10 weeks. We offer maintenance on silicone tip bonds or bonds that are intact. We replace the micro ring but we do not offer re-tipping of extensions where bonds have disintegrated.

Bonds made from silicone do not disintegrate when removed. Using a micro ring system with weaker bonds that disintegrates when removed from the ring causes problems like shedding of hair and matting of your own hair into the bonds.

Contact us for more information about micro-ring systems that last and do not shed hair.


Extensions For Brides


Why not consider Hair Extensions enhance your own hair by adding volume, length and shine to your own hair. Bridal hairstyles can be enhanced and glamourised by adding Hair Extensions.

Hair Extension technology has improved drastically over the last decade. Hair extensions are now discreet, barely detectable and more natural looking than even.

  • Individual Strand Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions
  • Weft Hair Extensions
  • Human Hair Wigs
  • Top Closures

Hair Extension Experts will customise the brides Hair Extension design to portray the exact look she wants on her special day. Hair Extensions are an excellent way to achieve your ideal bridal hairstyle look and to enhance your beauty on your special day.

We have a range of non-damaging and completely natural looking Hair Extensions options for Brides. All our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair and can be heat styled and coloured as desired. Our extensions can be reused by maintaining them every 2 – 3 months. We have a variety of bonding options to match any hair length, type and style.

To book your FREE CONSULTATIONN click here 


Hair Extensions Pretoria

Keratin Blow Dry

We offer The Keratin Blow dry treatment on your own hair or on your hair extensions!


  • Seals hair cuticles for extra shine
  • Heals damaged cuticles with added protein
  • Completely removes frizz
  • Straightens hair up to 80% straighter

Hair Extension Experts use a fantastic product from the USA called Evolution Keratin. We recommend the use of their aftercare shampoo and conditioner to maintain the keratin treatment for up to 5 months.

Time: A Keratin Blowdry takes between 60 and 90min

Hair Extensions Pretoria


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