Remy Hair: What is it, exactly?


When I speak to most clients on the phone, on whatsapp or even via email, they ask me many questions; how much do the extensions cost? How long they take to install? Are the extensions made with human hair? One of the most important questions, however, is WHAT IS REMY HAIR?

We all know that Remy hair is the hair we want, no, the hair we NEED for our extensions! But what exactly does it mean? What criteria have to be met for the hair to be considered Remy? Keep reading to find out…

Firstly, we at Hair extension Experts, only use 100% Human Remy Hair. We test the hair ourselves by carefully examining it, and our director Yentl even wears the extensions herself in order to test them, and never compromises on quality.

Now, onto the defining points for Remy hair.

  1. Only human hair can be considered Remy.


If the hair is synthetic, or comes from a source that is not a human being, it ISN’T Remy.


  1. Remy hair and Virgin hair are NOT the same thing.


Virgin hair, is hair that is completely untreated by colour, bleach, or any other chemicals like those that would be used for a perm as an example. Hair can be Virgin without being Remy, and can be Remy without being Virgin. If all of your own hair is untouched by chemicals or dye, that’s virgin hair too! When talking about extensions though, if the hair is in fact virgin hair, it is usually Remy as well.

That said, having Remy hair extensions on your head is far more important than having Virgin hair, which is really not necessary at all, especially since our Remy hair comes from India and therefore usually needs to be colour treated in some manner to achieve a perfect colour match for a Hair Extension Experts client.


  1. You still haven’t told us what Remy hair IS, though… Well?

Fair enough! Remy hair refers to the way the hair is collected, and how it is treated. Remy hair is hair that has been obtained from a single donor, and is the full length of the strands, from the root to the end. All the cuticles will also run in the same direction, and remain intact. This is important, as some hair is treated in such a way that the cuticles do not remain intact, or the cuticles end up flowing in opposite directions. This usually requires some sort of shine coating to be applied, and can make the hair appear “too shiny” and makes it more susceptible to damage from heat styling.

  1. Great, so why do I want Remy hair extensions as opposed to something that may seem like a better deal?  Is it really necessary that my hair extensions are Remy?

That is an easy question to answer. When the hair is not Remy, there are different lengths and directions to the cuticle, and this makes knotting far more likely. When all hair strands follow the same direction you can be sure that you are getting Remy hair which will be free of tangling. Finally, Remy hair tends to last longer because the cuticle is still intact, unlike non-Remy extensions or pieces where the hair has been cut and can go in different directions.  When the hair is not in the right direction, brushing causes more friction and the hair doesn’t last as long as a result.


There you go. Hopefully now you know WHAT Remy hair is, WHY we use it, and that it really is the BEST kind of hair to to look for when you want hair extensions!

This image shows the cuticle direction in Remy vs Non-Remy hair.


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  • Yolanda

    How much does hair extensions for medium length hair cost *- as well as the cost of a consultant coming out, showing how to use the extensions and colouring your hair with the extensions. FYI it’s for thinning hair.

    Thank you

    • Yentl

      Hi Yolanda

      Thanks for showing interest! Please contact us via email: or phone: 011 069 8170 so we can better assist you!

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