The benefits include: NO damage to your own hair! Completely natural, non-stringy looking results! QUICK, painless installation in 30min! 100% Human Hair, cuticle alligned hair extensions! You can use a set up to 4 times! So comfortable you will forget they are there!


  • Your own hair is divided into straight sections and clipped in place.
  • One “strand” of the tape hair extensions is placed under a thin section of your own hair with the sticky side of the tape facing upwards underneath your section of hair.
  • This thin section of hair is brought down over the sticky side.
  • Next another “strand” of the tape hair extensions is placed on top of the first piece with  it’s sticky side facing down.
  • The two strands are squeezed together to form a “sandwich” of two tapes facing each other with a thin section of your hair in between the tape hair extensions.
  • Rows of these sandwiches are made around the client’s head until a smooth and thick head of hair has been created!
  • We follow a placement pattern suited to your scalp to ensure no bonds will be visible, even when tied into a ponytail.

Indian Hair Extensions

Up until now extensions could only be bonded in the hair by means of heat, ultrasound or metal, which often damaged it. Tape Hair Extensions can be easily and gently attached to the hair by means of a unique adhesive strip or tape technology – and just as easily removed again using a special solution that is completely safe for your hair. After reapplication of the adhesive, the strands can be immediately reattached to the hair roots – without returning them to the stylist or long processing.

HICTH Diagram (1)

Tape Hair Extensions


We use original Hair Talk Tape Hair Extensions from Germany. The bonds are uniquely thin and residue free. The hair used is of a fine texture, suitable for European Hair Types. You can expect: 100% Remy Indian hair extensions, cuticle aligned, soft, with minimal knotting and Long lasting.

Our Expert Tape Hair Extension System

Tape Hair Extensions are so easy to use that after a brief introduction by our trained staff and with a little practice, you will need less than 20 minutes to transform short, thin hair into a full, fantastic, long hair hair-style,” promises professional wig maker Günter Alex.

Our tape hair extensions consist of an ultra-thin, 3 cm wide and 7 mm thick adhesive strip bonded to 100% Human hair. Our tape hair extensions can be attached to your natural hair in less than 40min by a certified hairstylist. This results in an inconspicuous, comfortable hair extension with flat connections which merge perfectly and invisibly with your natural hair. Thus when lying down to sleep, any discomfort or pain can be completely avoided, which is not the case with most other hair extension systems. After wearing the extensions for two months, they can be easily and gently removed with the help of a solvent spray and then carefully reattached to the roots. Using the sandwich method (sticking one tape strip over the other) a total of more than 750 colour combinations are possible with 22 natural hair colours. Anything is possible – from natural-looking, fine to thick strands of highlights with extravagant effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I colour Tape Hair Extensions or get a perm?

In principle, both options are possible but require special knowledge. We use 100% human hair which is first bleached and then dyed to achieve the desired colour. While bleaching or lightening the colour is not recommended, tinting to a darker colour or tone-on-tone is fine. No higher than a 10 vol peroxide is recommended if the hair is to remain in good condition.

During a perm, in particular, it is crucial that the treatment is performed only by a specialist who understands that the tape hair extensions have already been bleached and heavily processed. It is important to remember that hair extensions are not connected to the scalp and thus cannot be internally supplied with the essential nutrients through active roots, unlike your own hair.

Can I make a pony-tail or swept-up type hair style with the tape hair extensions?

In contrast to the other methods of hair extensions, up-swept hair-styles or ponytails are possible with the Tape adhesion method without the contact points becoming visible.

However, the hairstyle should not be combed back too strictly, since the tape hair extensions are taped and trained downward in a falling direction. If the hair is loosely teased or pulled upward, or to the rear and/or put loosely in a ponytail or swept-up hairstyle, then it should work perfectly (see pictures in the Gallery: wedding or festive hairstyles.)

How long can tape hair extensions be used for / How often do the Tape strands need to be reattached?

The answer to that depends on hair growth and density.

In general, tape hair extensions need to be reconnected to the hair roots every 6-8 weeks, by a hairstylist, since they “grow out” together with your natural hair.

How often can Tape Extensions be used?

The extensions can be reused two to three times depending upon the level of care you take with your extensions.

The more care, the longer the tape hair extensions remain healthy, shiny and fit for use.

What do I have to consider regarding the care and everyday life of my Tape Hair Extensions?

Washing should take place in the shower and not head over – otherwise it is hard to untangle the hair afterwards. Furthermore, make sure that the care products do not contain oil or alcohol.

The tape hair extensions contact points could separate if the bonds become coated with oily products or too much natural hair oil.

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