Ombre Hair Extensions.

ombre-hair-2016Using hair extensions is the ideal way to add length, volume and color effects to your look, and anyone can pull them off. This is especially true for the ombre style, which has taken the world by storm! The contrast of the dark and light just seems to look amazing on everyone who wears it. The ombre trend is definitely here to stay, especially now that spring is around the corner, although we love the ombre look for every season!

Investing in a set of extensions is one surefire way to stay in style, as the ombre look can be achieved easily, and without causing undue damage to your own hair, if hair extensions are used.

Ombre is the commonly seen style where the root is darker and blends into a lighter shade. In the salon, this is done by hand painting (balayage) to create a dark to light effect. This can end up damaging your hair, as bleach is used. It can also be excessively costly, and not turning out the way you would like if you don’t have the length in natural hair. Did we mention that bleach will damage your hair? Hair extensions eliminate these pitfalls almost entirely, and are the perfect accessory to transform hair instantly.

To achieve a more natural flow with ombre, it is recommended that you choose extensions in a shade 2-3 shades lighter than that of the root colour.

The Hair Extension Experts will seamlessly install and blend your extensions to achieve a gorgeous, sleek, and oh-so-fashionable ombre look.

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