Maintenance on Tape Hair Extensions is due every 4-8 weeks. In a maintenance appointment we remove your tape hair extensions using a solvent spray. We then remove the previous tapes from the bonds and replace them with new tapes (we stock 3cm and 4cm wide tapes.)We proceed to re-install the hair extensions in a pattern suited to your style and preferences. A re-shaping cut can be done once installed if requested

At your maintenance appointment is important to notify your hair extension technician of any problems or discomfort you may have experienced on your previous installation (e.g bonds showing in finer hair, or a sensitive scalp).  This can be rectified at your hair extension maintenance appointment by having the extensions installed in a manner that will alleviate the problem you previously experienced.

Maintenance on Micro ring extensions is due every 6-8 weeks. We offer maintenance on silicone tip bonds or bonds that are intact. We replace the micro ring but we do not offer re-tipping of extensions where bonds have disintegrated. Bonds made from silicone do not disintegrate when removed. Using a micro ring system with weaker bonds that disintegrate when removed from the ring causes problems like shedding of hair and matting of your own hair into the bonds.

We advise using a good quality system with a silicone bond like Hair Tech for best results and longevity of your hair extensions. Contact us for more information about micro-ring systems that we recommend.

Time : This takes between 90 and 120 minutes

Time : This takes about 2 hours per 100 strands of maintenance

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