Getting the Most Out of Your Hair Extensions


A woman’s hair is her identity; it says a lot about her. It makes her feel more confident, gives her a boost of self-esteem, and makes her feel sexier. For these reasons, hair extensions have increased in popularity. There’s something about the length, volume, and texture that you get from hair extensions that is so glamorous. Hair that would take years to grow is possible within just a few hours! Hair extensions can be a big investment, so you should follow the steps below to ensure your hair extension experience is spectacular.

First and foremost, you need to find a certified and licensed hair extension stylist. If you have a few in your area, feel free to do some research-look at pictures of their previous extension work, ask what they charge, and find out which hair brands they use. Once you’ve found a stylist you feel comfortable with, go in for a full consultation and ask as many questions as you feel necessary-don’t hold back. Inquire about which method of professional extensions would work best for you (beaded, tape-in, or fusion-clip-in extensions don’t require installation by a stylist). Give your stylist as much information as possible to help you determine this. Details like hair type, oiliness or dryness of your scalp, your typical styling routine, medical conditions, and even exercise habits can help you make sure you’re using the right method. Also ask them to things such as what length and color they recommend for you, which products they find work best with hair extensions, and how often they think you need to come back for touch ups.

Your next step may be to shop for hair. Sometimes, your stylist can order hair for you, so if this is the case, this step isn’t necessary. Either way, make sure you or your stylist purchase 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair is the highest quality human hair because the cuticle in each hair strand is preserved and aligned in the same direction. This prevents tangling problems which are common in non-Remy, low quality hair. If maintained properly, Remy hair can be reused multiple times and will last for months. 100% human Remy hair can be styled and washed just like your real hair-heat tools and all. (All synthetic or synthetic-human blends do not last as long as 100% human Remy hair and are easily damaged by heat and friction.)

Once installed, it’s up to you to extend the life of your hair extensions. When washing your extensions, always use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Sulfates tend to dry out hair extensions and strip them of their color. Your extensions should not be washed more than three times a week to avoid dryness and bond slippage. It’s also wise to invest in a good hair extension brush because these special brushes won’t catch or pull on your extensions. Between washes, use dry shampoo to absorb excess oils and keep hair looking and smelling fresh. When it comes to styling, you are free to use heat tools, just remember to use a heat protector before hand and keep the tools away from the bonds. If you find your extensions are getting dry, deep conditioners can work wonders. Again, just keep the product away from your bonds to avoid slippage.

Hair extensions are a big investment and should be treated like so. Between the hair and the installation, they can get pretty pricey. Also keep in mind that salon trips don’t stop at the installation. You will need to go in every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your natural hair grows, to have them readjusted. As your hair grows out, the bonds also grow out, and like acrylic nails that need fills after a few weeks of nail growth, hair extension bonds need to be moved up keeping them hidden and intact! Knowing the ins and outs of hair extensions is the best way to have an amazing extensions experience and unlock all your true styling potential!

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