Most Common Tape Hair Extension Mistakes

When a full head of hair extensions is installed properly it should be undetectable, but we are only human, and things can sometimes go wrong when installing extensions, and as we all know, there is nothing worse than bad extensions. Extensions that are installed incorrectly can sometimes be painful, fall out or just look bad. Not to worry though, here are some common mistakes that are made when installing extensions, and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Installing too many extensions
When too many extensions are installed on one head it can look unnatural and be very painful for the client.
Try spacing each piece pinky width apart or use a tail comb’s tail to space your extensions. A nice saying to remember when doing this is “they are cousins, not sisters!” – Alicia Iannone.
Other installation tips that some may find helpful is to remember to always have clean partings. To keep baby hairs out of the way and from being pulled; is to clip them out of the way with a small clip. Always stay a minimum of two finger widths from the hairline. This ensures the client’s natural hair covers up the tape bonds if they choose to have their hair pulled back or if they wear glasses or sun glasses

Mistake 2: Installing too few extensions
One of the worst mistakes that can be made by a stylist; is not installing enough hair extensions. When a stylist makes this mistake, their client will end up with a stringy and thin result that can look a bit like rat tails.
Clients sometimes want to get extensions installed to add more length to their hair as well as volume. It is important to adjust the amount of extensions used per client, based on their natural hair. If the client has very thin and fine hair, it is good practice to install a larger amount of hair than you would for a client with thick hair.
Another installation tip that will help with a natural look is to make sure that the subsections, where the extensions are applied, are the same size and density as the extensions being used. If they are too thin, then the extensions will not hold. However, if they are too thick then the extensions will pop open.

Mistake 3: Installing the wrong colour extensions
This is a common mistake that is easy to make if the stylist is less experienced. If the wrong colour extensions have been installed on a client, it will result in false look as apposed to the natural look that most clients want.
To avoid making this mistake, never match hair extensions to the client’s root colour, and do not just use one colour in each sandwich. Rather match the extensions to the client’s mid and end section and always use two different shades for each sandwich. The whole point of extensions is to extend the clients hair, so matching it to the root will defeat the purpose.
Some additional tips to help make colour matching easier include using a colour 60A on a very blonde client and toning the already platinum blonde 60A for clients who want the icy blonde look. To tone the 60A, make sure it is done before application as to avoid getting toner on the tape tabs. Remember to rinse and condition the extensions after toning is complete.

Mistake 4: Installing the wrong length extensions
As mentioned before, when people get extensions, it is normally to add length to their current hair. If a client comes to you with a bob hair cut or a pixie cut, installing 50cm/22-inch extensions will not work. This is because it wont blend well with the natural hair and might create a tapered look which will appear to look false and unnatural.
Choose extensions based on the client’s current hair length. Be sure to advise them which lengths would best work for their length and hair type. 50cm extensions will not work on a bob however, 30cm extensions will be perfect for a bob.
Using extensions to add volume and full look for clients, they will appreciate it if that is what they are looking for. If the client wants to just add length, their hair needs to be bob length at least. To make sure that the client leaves with a natural look, be sure to use different lengths as well as different widths of sandwiches. Always remember to shape your client’s hair after installation is complete to avoid a blunt cut. Using the slide cutting technique with a scissors will work best for shaping.

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