The Best Hair Extensions for me?

In South Africa we have most of the international options when it comes to hair extensions. Choosing the correct hair extensions for you is an important decision as making the wrong choice could lead to serious damage to your own hair not to mention wasting thousands of rands!

Firstly, it is important to know what can go wrong with hair extensions and what to look out for!

Low quality hair extensions

Low quality hair is abundant in the South African market! This hair may start off looking and feeling soft and shiny but after only a few washes it becomes dry, dull, knotty and unmanageable.

What to look out for: One of the signs is that the hair looks too shiny, almost doll like shine. It also smells a little like plastic. This is because often low quality hair is disguised by dipping it in a plastic silicone to seal it and create shine. Unfortunately this washes off in a few washes and you are left with bad hair.

Glue and heat installation methods

The problem with the heat and glue in methods of installing extenions is that in order to get the extensions to stay in your hair and not just slip out, the glue needs to be very strong or the heat very hot. This becomes a nightmare when trying to remove the extensions. It can take up to 7 hours to properly remove these extensions but often the technician will hurry this process by using harsh chemicals (like acetones) and pick at your own hair causing potentially unrepairable damage to your own hair.

Other Hair Extension problems

Shedding: Low quality bonds can cause hair to fall out of the bonds leaving strands of hair on your clothes and everywhere.

Tip: Test the hair you before you purchase it by brushing it though and pulling lightly on it to see if hair sheds off easily.

Strands falling out: Incorrect installations or lower quality products can leave you with whole strands of extensions falling out daily. This can be embarrassing and cause gaps in your hair extensions.

Tip: If you lose more than 5 strands you should immediately go back to your Hair Extension Technician to see what the problem is.

Matting forming in your own hair: Leaving Hair Extensions in your hair longer than recommended can cause your own hait to start knotting and matting around the bonds.

Tip: A neat installation is important to avoid knotting as your hair grows. Keep to your recommended maintenance date. We recommend every 2 months.

Hair Extensions showing

Incorrect placement of the hair extensions can cause them to show and look unnatural.

Tip: Choose a hair extension technician who is experienced and who does Hair Extensions regularly, also ask for before and after pics of their work if possible.

Ok so now that you know what does NOT work well, here are some tips on what  DOES works well for different hair types: 🙂
Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Tips: You will need at least 150 – 200 strands to create the most natural look in short hair. Micro ring extensions work well in short hair. Start installation low and work up to about 10cm from your parting.

Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Tips: For thick hair, hair extensions are a breeze. The bonds don’t show easily and your hair is sually stronger s it won’t get damaged as easily either. I recommend the Tape or Micro Ring extensions. You will need a few more strands than with thinner hair, 120 – 150 strands.

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Tips: For fine or thin hair you need to be more cautious with Hair Extensions. Your own hair could get damaged easily and the bonds of extensions could also show easily. I recommend the Tape Hair Extensions above all for this hair type. They are the most gentle on your own hair and they are less visible if a thin tape bond type is used.

Hair Extensions Ethnic hair

Tips: For ethnic hair single strand hair extensions are become more popular. They work well in relaxed hair and you can install them all the way up to 5cm from your parting. Indian Hair Wefts are also gaining popularity because of the soft silky texture of the hair. If you relax your hair and use a keratin blowdry thereafter we can get your hair to blend into the Indian hair very well.

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