Long lasting hair extensions, individual strand application, Malaysian hair quality. Micro Ring Hair extensions are considered to be the most undetectable of all hair extensions available on the market today. They are also the quickest to apply and are pain-free. No glue, heat, bond or chemicals are used when installing micro ring hair extensions and are therefore less damaging to your natural hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are a very recent innovation and have become extremely popular. With other hair extension options, you are often forced to compromise between a number of factors. With micro ring hair extensions, this is not the case. They are the most complete in terms of overall usability. Some of the advantages include: they can be applied at home, work for short/fine hair, look discreet, are safe to use and can be used long-term.

  • Hair Extension Experts use the first professional brand of Micro Ring Hair Extensions called Hair Tech Extensions.
  • The bonds are made from a hypo-allergenic silicone and are durable enough not to break down for up to two years.
  • The hair quality is a 100% Human hair mix of European and Malaysian hair.
  • Micro Ring Hair extensions are great for use on all hair types; they are durable and do not damage your own hair if they are correctly installed.
  • Micro Ring Hair Extensions are one of the best systems to use on short hair. The bonds are small and do not leave a “bump” on your hair and they are less visible in the hair than most other systems.
  • You can use one set of Hair Tech Micro Ring Hair Extensions for 1 – 2 years, depending on how well you take care of the hair.
  • The Micro Ring Hair Extensions we use have very strong bonds that will not disintegrate or shed easily.
  • Maintenance on your Micro Ring Hair Extensions is due every 2 – 3 months, depending on the length, thickness and condition of your own hair.

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