Hair Extensions Pricing

The hair extensions prices above are an indication of what is needed for an average head of hair extensions. It is of utmost importance that the correct amount of hair is used. This will guarantee the most natural blending of the hair extension product with your own hair. Human Hair Prices are subject to change should the Rand weaken to the US Dollar.

Remember that hair extensions prices are dependent on a couple of things, other than the exchange rate. The most obvious, being the amount of hair you will need! The length, thickness and health of your own hair are going to influence this, and therefore, your hair extensions price.

As always, we recommend contacting our Hair Extension Experts in order to discuss these factors. This will allow our Experts to give you an accurate picture of the hair extensions prices, tailored to your needs in a personalised quotation.

We advise investing in a hair extension product that will last long term and will not damage your own hair. We also offer a colour match service, ie. matching your extensions to your own hair to ensure aesthetic correctness and resulting in a seamless finish.

Contact us today for your personalised hair extension quote!


hair extensions prices

hair extensions prices

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