Benefits of the Genius Weft

Thinnest weft on the market

The Genius Weft is 0.4-0.7 mm thick! This gives the Genius weft the most natural appearance and the most comfortable wearing experience. It is lightweight and comfortable.

Customisable and shed-proof

Older weft systems cannot be cut or they will cause excessive shedding. The smart design of the wedt tape ensures it will not shed and can be cut at any point in the “seam”.

Less Knotting

Genius weft has no returned hair so it can avoid unneccesary tangles.

Who should choose a Genius Weft?

Genius weft is a good option for medium – thick hair. It is our second lightest-weight system.

How does it work?

The weft is attached using a series of silicone lined micro rings which the weft is then sewn and secured onto

Genius Weft hair extensions can last up to a year depending on how it is cared for.

Maintenance is still due every 6 – 8 weeks


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