Why People Choose Human Hair Extensions

When people talk about real hair extensions they generally mean real human hair but the type and where it is from are important to the quality and makes a big difference to price as well. In some cases you may find real hair extensions contain a mixture of human hair with either synthetic or animal hair so it is worth checking what you are buying and buying from a reputable store or website. At the cheaper end of the range of real hair extensions available is dropped, at the other end Remy hair.

Disadvantages of Synthetic hair

Whatever type of real hair extensions you choose though you will have hair that feels natural and acts more naturally. The way natural hair looks is also different to synthetic. Synthetic hair tends to frizz and the way it reflects light can make it stand out, it also tends to knot and frizz and generally lose its straightness which will happen far less with natural hair.

Real extensions can also be cut like real hair to really make it look the way you want and part of your own.

Dropped Hair

Real hair extensions made from dropped hair are made from that left over from cutting and so may well not be as long and may be poorer quality in general. It is of course much cheaper though and it is bought for very little from salons. With other extensions the hair has to be bought from the person growing it and they may have to cut their hair very short or completely to sell it and so the cost is much higher.

Often Asian hair is used in real extensions as it is often thicker and much less prone to braking or frizzing, it however is still available in a variety of colors. Real hair extensions will have been bleached in most cases and then color added again so that a range of natural, and less natural colors can be added including blonde and red. The range of colors though is perhaps slightly more limited than with synthetic but if it is a natural look you want anyway then this isn’t a problem and high quality real hair extensions should be available in a color to match your own hair.

Virgin or Processed Hair

Virgin hair is also available which hasn’t been dyed or conditioned in any way, this may be thicker Asian or other hair, you may for example want silky or smooth or a style of hair. Processed hair by contrast may have been treated with many different chemicals to bleach it and condition it but this will remove the cuticle layer meaning it will not last as long.

If it is curly or wavy you want then real hair extensions are by far your best option. It is difficult to make synthetic curl naturally and the curl or wave will then quickly be lost with use. With real hair extensions naturally curly or wavy extensions are available and as with colors you will find a wide variety of curls and waves of different levels to fit in with your own hair if this is what you want.

Remy Hair

As mentioned Remy is considered to be the best real hair extension type available. Remy hair has been taken from the one human head and then each weft is organized as it was originally so that all roots and cuticles point in the same direction meaning it looks far more natural. For this Remy must be taken from close to the scalp. Most Remy hair is from Asia and is often virgin as well, so the cuticle is kept in tact, but it can be any type. Often the term Remy is misused in real hair extensions so it is worth checking what you are buying.

You can use real hair extensions for short-term use and clip in extensions but it is most popular for long-term use and where it is braided or weaved in. This is because of the fact real hair extensions last longer but also because they look more natural as part of the person’s own hair.

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