Clip-in Hair Extensions, Tape in Hair Extensions, Micro-Ring Hair Extensions: Long term effects of wearing them

Clip-in Hair Extensions, Tape in Hair Extensions, Micro-Ring Hair Extensions: Long term effects of wearing them


One of the main reasons people are so reluctant to get hair extensions is because of the potential damage the extensions may cause to their own hair. When someone is considering hair extensions, they usually want to add volume and length but another very common reason is to help their hair recover or grow. Now nobody wants to invest in an extension system with the intention of hair growth and end up with more damaged and thinning hair of their own. Let’s have a look at the three categories of extensions and how damaging they may be in the long run.




Clip in Hair Extensions


The first category is temporary extensions which include clip-in hair extensions (Johannesburg). These types are heavy and use a medium sized area to secure the extensions to. Clip-on hair extensions should not be worn for more than a few hours at a time and should not be worn daily. They should only be used on occasions where you wish to enhance the volume or length of your hair. Using these extensions daily for hours on end will cause excessive tension on your roots and cause permanent damage to the follicles. Once the follicles have been damaged, the hair loss and damage can be permanent. The incorrect and long-term use of these extensions will cause damage to your natural hair. Clip-on hair extensions prices vary.



Tape In Hair Extensions


The next, and likely the safest, the category is the semi-permanent extensions such as tape-in hair extensions. The semi-permanent tape extensions are lightweight and use an equally sized area to secure the extensions to. Tape-in extensions can be worn for 6-8 weeks and absolutely must be maintained at the prescribed times to avoid the extensions pulling at the hair which can happy if they are too grown out and they start to twist. Tape In Hair Extensions are almost undetectable, much more comfortable and do not cause any tension on the roots or follicles, which means there is little to no damage done to your natural hair for long-term use. We have seen clients own hair recover dramatically from using Tape Extensions king term as the extensions also protect the clients natural hair more that usual from weekly heat styling.




Micro-Ring Hair Extensions


The final category is permanent extensions such as keratin bonds and micro rings, they can be worn for months at a time. These types use a single-strand system to secure the extensions to a very small supporting strand of the clients own hair which can cause quite a bit of damage if the extensions are not installed correctly or maintained properly. It also means that when an extension strand falls out, chances are high that it will pull your hair out from the root and cause damage to the follicles. If they are not maintained before the hair starts to knot and twist, tension will be applied to the roots and follicles, which may cause permanent damage and hair loss. They may also require heat or glue to secure the extensions, which will cause damage to your natural hair in the long run.




It is also very important to go to a professional who has had the correct training when considering extensions, as the wrong application or recommendation may also cause unnecessary damage to your hair. If you feel pulling, tensions or irritation to the roots when extensions are installed, it should be addressed immediately, as this could damage the follicles.


Do your research and pay attention to the condition of your hair in maintenance appointments. Hair Extensions should compliment your natural hair, not damage it. At Hair Extension Experts we care for our clients own natural hair as much as we care for their extensions.

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