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What is the best length for hair extensions for me?


If you are considering getting hair extensions and you are rather new to the idea of it all, deciding which length to go with can be an intimidating task. Yes, it would be easier to just make a decision based on the best price or the first length you see, but this will not get you the perfect length specifically for you. It is worth it to consider the following points before making the final decision. We have the perfect guide to help you make the most informed choice.




Where will the hair extensions sit on my body?


When considering the length of hair extensions that you would like, you normally think of where they will come to on your body. People will often say that they would like hair extensions that come past the bra line or past the belly button. At Hairtalk, we have a general rule of thumb regarding where the hair extensions will come to. This is normally a general estimate and can differ from person to person.


Hairtalk hair extensions length general guide:

30cm / 12 inches hair extensions – come to just below your shoulders
40cm / 18 inches hair extensions – comes to the middle of your back, just above or just below your bra in the back (depend on height)
50cm / 22 inches hair extensions – comes to your bum or just above.


What is my height?


Your height will largely affect your decision on which length hair extensions to go for. What the majority of people forget is that your height will impact the final look of your tape in hair extensions. As an example, compare two different girls of different heights. The one girl is rather tall and the other is rather short. If they both had 50cm / 22-inch extensions installed, the taller girl would have her extensions reach just above her bum where the shorter girl might have her extensions reach her bum exactly. Because they differ in height, it will appear that the shorter girl has longer extensions because of where they sit against her body. It is very important to keep this in mind.





How will I style my hair once I have my hair extensions?


Something else that will have to be brought into consideration is how you are planning to have your hair styled once the extensions have been installed. Once they have been installed, a small amount will be trimmed off the bottom to make sure the bottom is neat and tidy. Should you wish to have a tapered or layered look, a bit more will need to be taken off the bottom. In cases like this, it is recommended to go for a longer length, so that the final look will be the perfect length for you.


How much am I willing to spend on my hair extensions (Johannesburg)?


Should you be stuck between two different lengths, it is recommended that you choose the longer of the two. It will cost slightly more than if you had gone for the shorter length but with the longer length, you will be able to trim, shape and style your extensions a bit more. This will give you the perfect opportunity to create your ideal look exactly the way you want. Should you choose to go with the shorter option and they are shorter than you would have liked them to be, then you would have spent quite a bit of money on extensions you are not 100% happy with. Going for the longer option will protect you against any disappointment.





Will I mainly wear my hair extensions straight or wavy?


When your extensions are installed, the extensions will be beautifully straight. If you love having your hair straight, then this would be perfect for you and you will be able to see that you have made the right choice with the length. Should you prefer to wear your hair in a curl or a wave it is important to keep in mind that the length appearance will be reduced to accommodate for the curl or the wave. If you wear your hair in a wave or a curl regularly, going for a longer length would be ideal. This will ensure that, even with a wave or a curl, your hair will still be the length you are looking for.


Will I be trimming or styling my hair differently in the future?


When deciding on a length, it is very important to keep in mind any future trims and styles you will be testing out in the future. If you enjoy changing your hairstyle often, it is recommended to go for a longer length instead of the exact length you want. This will ensure that as you change styles over the next few months you will be able to do so with the set of hair extensions you currently have in. Your extensions will go shorter as the changes take place, but you will still have lengthy hair. Keep in mind that the longer your extensions are, the more styling opportunities you will have.


By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to understand what will affect your decision and how. You will also be able to decide on a length that will be perfectly fitted to your needs and will help you execute the perfect look and to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Now that you have all the tools you need to make an informed decision, feel free to have a look around and take the first step toward getting your dream hair extensions!

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