Hair Extension Experts offers Hairdressers and Hair Salon owners wholesale pricing on our Hair Extensions. We also offer free Hair Extension Training to Gauteng based stylists. Contact us to receive our wholesale Salon Pricelist.

Hair Extension Training


Hair Extension Experts offer qualified Hairdressers free Hair Extension Training. In some cases we will accept students who are currently enrolled in Hairdressing or staff who have had experience working in a Hair Salon.

Our Hair Extension Training is offered on our patented Tape Hair Extension product. This is our signature product and we have had huge success in our trained Hair Salons using this product.

Stylists love Tape Hair Extensions because:

  • They only take 30min to install.
  • They do not damage their client’s own hair.
  • All you need are clips and a comb to install.
  • Tape Extensions are easy to install and no heat, glue or chemicals are used.
  • These extensions blend more easily that the single strand systems and they are easier to cut into a natural looking style than single strands.

Clients love these hair extensions because:

  • They look completely natural.
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They are gentle on their own hair.
  • They are re-useable.
  • They are cost effective.
  • The hair is excellent quality and easy to wash and dry.

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