Hi, I am Yentl Palmer and this is my story…

In 2008, what started as my personal quest to find good quality hair extensions at a reasonable price in South Africa, became a journey to the far reaches of the globe and back to South Africa.

When I realised that, unless you are willing to pay thousands of rands for well known brands of hair extensions in South Africa, your alternatives are disappointing in quality and damaging to your own hair, I decided to do some investigating.

My discovery of the world of online international suppliers of hair was not the blessing for which I had hoped. My bad experiences with hair quality and scams by online suppliers led me to give up on cyber supplier relationships. The only thing left to do was travel…

I travelled to India, China, Germany and the USA, meeting various suppliers, manufacturers and resellers.  Numerous products were tested, many falsehoods uncovered, some myths about human hair busted, and finally, the right supplier relationships were formed.

I started supplying hair salons with Hair Extensions in 2011, and in 2013 I started Hair Extension Experts to offer quality hair extensions and expert installations to the public at a reasonable price.



I entered the world of hair extensions in 2008 as a customer, having cut my hair into the fashionable “Rihanna style” and not feeling myself without my long tresses.  I tried three of the popular hair extension systems available in South Africa and had all three installed within a single year! This was due to encountering various problems with each method.



  • Low quality hair extensions that knotted, and looked dull and ‘stick’ like.
  • Damage to my own hair because of the hair extension bonding method, sometimes even leaving bald spots on my scalp (eek!)
  • Expensive maintenance with 2 of the systems.
  • Not being able to reuse the systems and having to purchase new hair every 2-3 months.
  • Hair Extension installations that were not well plotted (resulting in bad blending.)
  • Poor installation resulting in strands falling out excessively.



At last, I found a Hair Extension product I loved –HITCH Tape Hair Extensions.  I liked the product so much and received so many compliments that I started installing it for friends and friends of friends.  I have since been trained and accredited in 3 international hair extensions systems.  I have been creating beautiful heads of hair ever since.



I now use my experience and ever-growing knowledge on hair extensions to train and supply hair salons and stylists in South Africa. Our team in growing beautifully and together we provide our Gauteng clients with Hair Extensions and Hair Treatments with an expert touch!

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My Story

Yentl Palmer

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