Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip ins demoClip in hair extensions are an excellent way to either try out the idea of having hair extensions, OR, if you don’t necessarily want the hassle of styling long hair on a daily basis, but want to add volume, length and variety to your look.

Hair Extension Experts recommend clip in hair extensions if you are attending a matric dance, and want to enhance your natural hair for the evening, or if you are planning a big night out and feel like adding some volume, length and excitement to your own hair. We also love using clip in hair extensions as a trial run for something with a bit more longevity, if that is what you want.

Clip in hair extensions minimise the need to style long hair daily, which is more the case with other hair extension systems. They are often also easier to style and maintain with less heat styling, as they are not attached to your own hair all of the time; therefore wear,tear and messiness is limited.

They are also easily styled if you are running a bit short on time!

While we love clip in hair extensions, it is important to note that they are not for the pool, the beach, or the gym. As with any hair extension system, care must be taken in order to maximise the ‘life’ of your extensions.That being said, clip in hair extensions are generally more affordable than other systems. Remember, they are not for all day and night wear.

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