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The Experts on Hair Extensions South Africa

The Hair Extension Experts bring you the best professional hair extensions South Africa has to offer. We have a vast range of hair extensions, wigs, wefts, and advanced hair treatments available at affordable prices. We offer personalised services in Johannesburg and Pretoria, brought to you by our traveling stylists. They install, maintain and treat your hair extensions in the privacy of your home or office. Our online shop offers South Africans the very best international brands of tried and tested products from a wide variety of sources and for varied uses. These include:

Indian Hair, Micro Ring Extensions, Tape Hair Extension, Clip In Hair Extensions Keratin treatments, Hair Repair Treatments, Instant Hair Thinning and Balding solutions.

We have installed over 1000 heads of hair extensions for many happy Gauteng residents since our company’s establishment in 2011!

We invite you to put us to the test!

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“Let us enhance your natural beauty with the latest technology in Hair Extensions, installed by our certified technicians.”

The best Hair Extensions South Africa has to offer.

The best choice in Hair Extensions South Africa, is dependent on a few factors, the first being the length, thickness and health of your own hair. Your lifestyle choices, such as how active you are, how often you wash your hair and how frequently you can commit to hair extension maintenance appointments, are also crucial to choosing the right extensions for you.

We recommend a telephonic consultation with one of our Hair Extension Experts in order to ask the relevant questions and give our expert advice on which extensions from our range are best suited to you.

Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Tape and Micro ring extensions work well with short hair. Tape hair extensions are the more comfortable and least damaging option. However, they work best in hair that is the length of a bob or longer.

If your hair is shorter than a bob, we recommend micro ring extensions. The bonds are smaller and less visible in very short hair.

In short hair you need more hair extensions than the average client, up to double the amount! You can expect to use at least 150-200 strands of micro rings or 6-7 packs of tape hair extensions to create the desired natural look in short hair.

Thick Hair

Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

If your own hair is thick, hair extensions are easy to install and you have more options in terms of the product used. The bonds won’t easily show and thick hair is usually stronger, and doesn’t damage as easily as fine hair. Our recommendation is Tape Hair Extensions. These tape extensions have a natural flow and they blend into your own hair well as they lack the stringy texture present in other extensions. You will need a few more strands than with thinner hair, expect to need 5 or 6 packs.

At Hair Extension Experts we do not use any heat, glue or keratin bonding. This ensures that your own hair is not damaged during the installation or removal process.

Thin Hair

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

For fine or thin hair, caution must be taken when choosing your hair extensions. This is to ensure that they do not damage your own hair and that they are not visible.

As fine hair is more easily damaged, we recommend the gentlest approach possible.

We recommend Tape Hair Extensions above all for this hair type. They are the most gentle on your own hair and they are less visible if a thin tape bond – like our Hitch Ultra Thin Euro Tape – is used.

Ethnic Hair

Hair Extensions for Ethnic hair

For ethnic hair, single strand hair extensions are becoming more popular. They work well in relaxed hair and can be installed up to 5cm from your parting.

Indian Hair Wefts are also gaining popularity because of their soft silky texture.

Once your natural hair is relaxed, we recommend a keratin blow-dry to give you a silky, soft finish that will blend well into the Indian Hair extensions.

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“We are certified by the world’s leading Hair Extension Brands, continuously bringing you the latest in international hair enhancement.”